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Please email for quote, include amount of songs, average length of songs, and a brief description of the material.

Please feel free to email me here with any questions.


To stream line this process as much as possible in your first email please provide; how many songs you would like to record, if you would to have me fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement and/or a Work For Hire Agreement, 

Thanks! Message sent.


Please Provide

  • Must provide Mp3 of song

    • If not recorded with a click track, please also provide the tempo of the song

  • If able to please provide drum sheet music, chart, or Mp3 with programmed drums

  • If not able to provide sheet music please provide breakdown of what kind of drums you would like

    • Example Here​

  • 50% Deposit Required

Documents (Provided on Request)

  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    • A contract stating that I will not share, use, or tell any persons about your project​

  • Work For Hire Agreement (WFHA)

    • A contract saying that I relinquish all ownership of the song and my performance

    • You will own all aspects of the copyright






  • 13x5.5"  Sonor Benny Greb Signature

  • 14x8"     Outlaw Weathered Douglas Fir

  • 13x3"     Custom 10 ply maple

  • 14x5.5"  Gretsch Catalina Club

  • 14x7"     Mapex Hand Hammered Brass

  • 14x7"     Outlaw Cypress and Poplar

  • 14x6"     Outlaw Custom


  • Outlaw Oak Custom 

    • 12x10" Tom

    • 14x14" Tom

    • 16x16" Tom

    • 22x18" Kick​

Auxiliary Percussion

  • Cow Bells

  • Tambourines

  • Jam Blocks

  • Elephant Bell

  • Ribbon Crasher

  • Frame Drum

  • Clave

  • Bells

  • Shakers

  • Maracas

  • Tabla


  • Soultone Natural Prototype

  • Zildjian K Dark Ride

  • Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Ride

  • Turkish Xanthos Ride

  • Meinl Transition Ride

  • Supernatural Ride


  • Soultone Natural Prototype x2

  • Meinl Dark Crash

  • Turkish Clatter Crash

  • Istanbul Agop Crash


  • Soultone Natural Prototype

  • Zildjian K/Z Combo Hats

  • Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hats

  • Sabian Feirce Hats


  • Soultone FXO Splash

  • Zildjian Aveidis Splash

  • Hammerax Crash Course

  • Hammerax Hell Bell x2

  • Hammerax Chisel

  • Sabian Hoop Crasher


  • UAD Apollo Twin

  • Antelope Audio Orion Studio

  • Audient ASP880


  • Dynamic

    • Shure SM57 x 5

    • Shure SM58​ x2

    • Sennheiser MD421 x 3

    • AKG D112

  • Condenser

    • ​​Rode NT5 Matched Pair

    • Earthworks ST25 x3

    • Earthworks DM20 x4

    • Earthworks Kick Pad

    • Sterling Audio ST33 Matched Pair

    • CAD Equitek 200 Wide Diaphragm

    • Blue Baby Bottle Wide Diaphragm

    • Aston Spirit

  • Tube

    • Cascade Elroy


  • ProTools 12

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