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Jared started playing drums at the age of twelve, and had his first live performance that same year. At the age of 16 he embarked on his first tour, spanning the length of the east coast and parts of the midwest. 


Two years later Jared moved to Boston, MA to attend college and began working regularly as a studio and touring musician, performing with artists spanning many genres.

In 2016 Jared moved to New York and has continued to work as a recording and touring musician. Eventually joining Granny 4 Barrel and began to tour across the continental United States opening for bands such as Bret Micheals, The Texas Hippie Coalition, Kobra and the Lotus, CKY, Nekrogoblicon, and many others. While in New York Jared has also had the opportunity to work with management legends Bob Chiappardi and Vicky Hamilton in connection with his work with these bands.

In between tours, Jared has worked with producers David Bendeth, Jeff Tomei, Damon Whittemore, John Plenge, Godfrey Diamond, Kiyoshi Matsuama, and Stephen Kurpis. In 2019, he built his own remote recording space and began to explore producing other artists alongside his pursuits as a studio and touring musician.

Jared is currently endorsed by Outlaw Drums and Soultone Cymbals and performs around the NYC area. A list of all of his upcoming performances can be found under the PERFORMANCES tab of this website.

Current Associated Acts:

Heavenly Faded - Drummer/Producer

Granny 4 Barell - Drummer

The Dye - Drummer

Husks - Drummer

What You Need - Drummer/Producer

Steff Reed - Drummer

Brian Jacques - Drummer/Producer

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